Elena A.

Laser Tech

"I love being able to build self confidence in my clients! There is a satisfaction I get watching people walk away with a smile! One of my favorite things about my job is seeing the before/after photos. The progress my clients make to reach lasting results is what inspires me about doing my work. I specialize in laser hair removal, radiofrequency, body contouring, cellulite reduction, and microneedling!"

Kayla R.


“I am a skincare junky and I love anything skin, so going into this career was a no brainer! I love learning the science behind the skin so being in a career where I was always leaning was also an important reason why I chose this career! I love to help my clients achieve their skin goals! Seeing people become more confident and happy in their skin is what makes me love my job! I specialize in chemical peels, microneedling, hydrofacial, hyper pigmentation and acne services.”

Omnia E. BSN, RN


"My absolute favorite aspect of injects is seeing my client's face light up after when they see their results. Aesthetics is a luxury, and I believe in investing in yourself allows you to pour into others. I am most knowing for my natural lips enhancements, and I have injected several clients who are first timers. Their initial hesitation is because they don't want to look different or dramatic, and my goal is to enhance your natural beauty and make you feel confident."


Aesthetician / Laser Tech

"I enjoy sharing my expertise of knowledge from my 7 years of working in the industry to keep clients satisfied. My favorite thing about my job is being a part of a team that strives for success. I am an Arizona local & before becoming an aesthetician and laser technician I had a strong passion for dance and was a dance instructor."



“It is my goal in life to uplift everyone that I meet. I strive to make clients feel 10x better than when they did before. Being involved in the beauty industry allows me to give people the “vacation” they deserve and feel their best. My admiration for the beauty industry is something I will always carry with me. As a model and actress, feeling confident behind the camera is key. It is something prevalent in my life and I love to guide others in implementing it into their own lives.”



“I have always been interested in the beauty industry. I love the idea of making people feel better about themselves. At my job, I love interacting with people, the environment I’m in, and everyone is friendly! My main goal is to be a licensed esthetician by the beginning of next year and start working as an esthetician.”
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