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Due to having to schedule multiple providers, we may be able to find you a sooner availability than our booking system.

Glen Coco

"Four for you, Glenn Coco! 
You go, Glenn Coco!” ™
- Damian Leigh

Package Includes:
- Dermaplaning Facial
- Brow Lamination
- Lash Lift & Tint
- Teeth Whitening

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So Fetch

"That is so fetch!" ™
- Gretchen Wieners

Package Includes:
- Hydro-Dermabrasion and Rejuvenation (Hydra-facial)
- RF Skin Tightening Neck and Chin
- Brow Lamination
- Lash Lift
- Teeth Whitening

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The Cady Heron

"You know what! It’s not my fault you’re like, 
in love with me, or something!"™
- Cady Heron

Package Includes:
- 50 Units of Dysport Cosmetic
- Restylane Kysse
- You're Like Really Pretty Facial
- Teeth Whitening

*limited time offer
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Regina George

"I wanna lose three pounds"  ™
- Regina George

Package Includes:
- RF Body Contouring / Skin Tightening for Face & Neck
- V-Shape Ultra- Non-Invasive Fat Reduction for Stomach
- Laser Hair Removal for the Brazilian 
- Laser Hair Removal for the Underarms 
- Teeth Whitening

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Finally! No More 


Laser Hair Removal 
Package Includes :
- Full Face or Upperlip
- Full Arms
- Underarms
- Brazilian or Bikini
- Full Legs

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Don't Worry Guys,
She'll Like This!


Package Includes:
- Moisture Miracle Facial
- Lash Lift and Tint
- Brow Wax
- Teeth Whitening
- Laser Hair Removal 
    + Upper Lip
    + Underarms
    + Full Arms

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