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Facial Treatment

Last year more than 12 million men and women each year enjoyed looking younger and more vibrant with Botox. Botox relaxes furrows on the forehead, crow’s feet, and frown lines between the eyes for 3 to 4 months. Treatments are quick, and there's no down time.

It's important to know that Botox results are not instant. Botox's wrinkle-relaxing results take place incrementally over 7 to 14 days after treatment. This means that you'll want to make sure you get your Botox treatment at least two weeks before any special event.


Facial Treatment

Dysport, the only Botox alternative, relaxes the muscles that cause facial lines and wrinkles. Both work by blocking the signal from the nerves to the muscles that make them hyperactive, forming crow’s feet, brow furrows, and frown lines between the eyes. The temporarily relaxed wrinkle-causing muscles gives the face a much more youthful appearance.

Dysport was developed by Medicis, and is the first and only FDA approved BOTOX alternative.

Dysport is significantly less expensive per unit than Allergan’s BOTOX, however you will need approximately twice as many units to treat the same wrinkled area. This means that it costs just slightly less to treat an area with Dysport than BOTOX.


Facial Filler

Juvederm can help you regain your youthful appearance, safely and effectively. Millions of men and women have turned back the clock with this long-lasting FDA-approved dermal filler. Made by Allergan, Juvederm instantly restores a more youthful look with results that can last up to a year.

Juvederm is great for:
 - Filling those “smile lines” lines from your nose to your mouth (Also called the nasolabial lines)
- Filling marionette lines. (The lines that go from the mouth to the chin)
- Filling frown lines between the eyes. (Please note: For this treatment you’ll see improved results when combined with Botox)
- Filling hollowed “tear troughs” under the eyes
- Plumping the back of the hands to diminish the appearance of veins
- Plumping and defining lips
- Restoring volume to cheeks

Juvéderm Ultra XC


JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC adds more fullness and plumps thin lips—whether your lips have thinned over time or you simply want fuller lips—in adults over the age of 21.   

Results can last up to 1 year.

Juvéderm Ultra Plus XC

Severe Smile Lines & Wrinkles

First approved by the FDA in 2006, JUVÉDERM® ULTRA PLUS XC corrects moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as the parentheses lines or "smile/laugh lines" around the nose and mouth, also known as nasolabial folds. JUVÉDERM® ULTRA PLUS XC is injected into areas of facial tissue where moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds occur to temporarily add volume to the skin, which may give the appearance of a smoother surface. 

Juvéderm Vollure

Smile Lines

With aging comes natural loss of fat deposits around the nose and corners of the mouth. Vollure is one of the first FDA approved dermal fillers to correct moderate to severe nasolabial folds. This filler is Hyaluronic Acid based and has a gel like consistency, making it easy to mold and provide long lasting results. 

Results last 18 months for most clients.

Juvéderm Voluma

Cheek/Chin Area

As you age, the cheeks may flatten and the skin may begin to sag. This is caused by natural loss of volume in the cheek area, or what the experts call age-related midface volume loss. JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA® XC is designed to add volume beneath the skin's surface, which provides lift and contour to the cheek area. In addition JUVÉDERM® VOLUMA® XC injectable gel is designed for deep injection for augmentation of the chin region to improve the chin profile. Adding volume to the chin area creates shape and definition for adults over 21 years of age. 

Results lasting up tp 2 years for most clients.

Restylane Kysse

Lip Filler

Lips lose volume, color, and elasticity with age. Restylane Kysse is a lip filler that adds volume, smooths upper lip lines for up to one year, and enhances lip color.1-4 Designed specifically for the movement of lips, Restylane Kysse is made with XpresHAn Technology’s innovative cross-linking gel for precise, natural-looking results.

Restylane Contour

Cheek Area Filler

As we age and lose volume in the midface, we also lose definition in the cheeks. Restylane Contour is the only cheek filler with XpresHAn Technology™ that restores your natural contour, frees dynamic expression, and refreshes your look. Balancing the science and art of aesthetics, this unique injectable hyaluronic acid gel creates natural-looking, subtly rejuvenated cheeks that are reminiscent of your younger self, but true to what makes you beautiful today.
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